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Academic Rigor

CTE: Learning that Works for Our Schools and Colleges

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CTE classes often provide the context for writing or math that students need to find relevance in their academic coursework. This provides a rigorous foundation for future studies in higher education as well as providing a robust CTE curriculum.

C-TEC facilitated a weeklong workshop for CTE teachers to learn to integrate writing into their lesson plans. Each CTE teacher worked with a Writing teacher to make sure he or she developed lessons that were appropriate and in line with the vocabulary and other skills that are addressed in the English Language Arts courses. Then teachers shared lesson plans with each other and critiqued their lessons. During the workshop, Jayne Vetter, Textiles instructor at Oregon City High School shared the enhanced textiles curriculum she has offered students based on her participation in previous Math as well as Writing in CTE workshops. Your Alternate Text

Last year Jayne applied workshop principles to a lesson in her Advanced Textiles course. She assigned her students a project on designing sustainable fashions. Her eco-fashion project required students to use math skills to measure seam allowances and determine material requirements. As well, Vetter used academic writing measures to score students’ reflection papers written as part of the project. Students learned fashion and design terminology and techniques resulting in a raincoat made from plastic bird seed bags, some messenger bags, and many other unique creations.

Culinary arts teacher Mindi Shelton, shows her Colton High school students real world applications for writing and math through lesson in converting recipes and writing menus. Students write menus and catering proposals need to ensure that a customer will order the menu selections. They also learn to half or double recipes using math exercises until they are proficient.

The Math and Writing in CTE workshops have been well-attended and these are just two examples of how Clackamas County’s CTE teachers are offering students rigorous and relevant instruction.

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Posted on February 1, 2012.