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Upcoming Events

June 26, 2017
all day
PD: Assessing Performance in CTE

Create quality rubrics to assess student learning in non-traditional settings! CTE Teachers will work with coaches to: - Target standards - Identify performance tools - Construct quality, proficiency-based performance rubrics - Develop strategies for providing effective feedback - Learn about Common Formative Assessment - Network with other CTE teachers across the region

Contact Sarah to register!!

July 25, 2017
all day
PD: Unmanned Aerial Systems in CTE

Learn how UAVs can be integrated into your content area! * Participating CTE teachers who did not receive a UAV last summer will receive a DJI Phantom for their classroom!

CTE Teachers will work with coaches to: - Learn relevant rules and regulations - Identify industrial and educational applications for UAVs in content areas - Work with apps for managing UAVs and footage - Collaborate with teachers throughout the region to develop lesson or project plans in your content area - FLY

Contact Sarah for more information or to register!

August 15, 2017
all day
PD: Design, Make, Teach - Classroom of Makers

Learn how to teach students the design process of problem solving, design, and prototyping to solve problems and create things...regardless of technology!

CTE Teachers will work with industry professionals to: - Learn the design process and applications for projects in your content area - Collaborate with other CTE Teachers in a design challenge - Develop lesson or content plans - Learn how to use failure as a spark to persevere and create a solution - Leave with surprise materials

Contact Sarah for more information or to register today!