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Staff and Partner Tools

Site Providers

C-TEC Youth Services contracts with a variety of vendors to provide exceptional services for WIA-enrolled youth in Region 15, Clackamas County.

This page provides information relevant to our site providers, offering links to current policies, file forms, and annual Funds Requests.

Policies and Procedures

The C-TEC Youth Services Program Guide Handbook contains the most up-to-date information on our policies and procedures. Click here to view the current Program Guide.

File Forms and Other Resources

The following forms are available to assist Career Advisors in maintaining accurate youth files. The following files are located in the Youth Services Program Guide Handbook:


Application for C-TEC Youth Services

Applicant Rights & Responsibilities

General Release of Information

Publicity Release

Employment Release

Enrollment Self Assessment

Goal Sheet

Low Income Guidelines

CASAS Answer Sheet (Appraisal)

CASAS Answer Sheet (Pre/Post Assessment)

CASAS Record Form

CASAS Incentive Agreement

Work Experience Incentive Agreement

C-TEC Purchase Log

Bus Ticket Log- Adult

Bus Ticket Log- Youth

Bus Ticket Log- Honored Citizen

Bus Ticket Log- Molalla SCTD

Incentive Request Form

Incentive Agreement Form

Receipt of Gift Card, Gift Certificate, & Other Cash Like Payment Form

Sign In Sheet

Oregon Youth WIA Providers

Exit Form

Participant File Review Form (QAM)

Additional Forms

I-9 Document List

Partner Meeting Training Slides


Development of an Individual Service Strategy

Implementing the Case Plan/ ISP

Documention: Record Keeping and Case Notes


Evaluation/ Measuring Outcomes

Engaging Employers

Web Tools and Resources

This page provides direct links to many helpful tools and resources specific to education, employment, and career exploration.