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C-TEC Youth Services

We have a new website! Come and check us out at www.c-tecyouthservices.org

Welcome to C-TEC Youth Services! Our mission is to provide assistance to the emerging workforce (ages 16-24) so you're prepared to be successful in education and employment. We're here to help you find the best fit for your interests and goals, whether it be in school, a job, or starting a career. Our staff are dedicated to helping you assess your strengths and challenges, so you can create a goal plan that's realistic and makes sense for you.

C-TEC Youth Services is a program of Clackamas Education Service District, and we work together with many community partners, including: schools, businesses, and community organizations. This enables us to provide you with as many opportunities and benefits as possible. Many times resources are out there, but you just don't know about them, or how to access them. We're experts in knowing what's available, what's current, and helping you to connect as easily as possible. Plus, there are C-TEC Career Advisors located all over the county, and we'd like to meet you.

With the right combination of motivation, realistic goal setting, opportunities, community resources, and support from C-TEC Youth Services, you can be successful! Check us out!

C-TEC Youth Services

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Benefits of C-TEC Youth Services

C-TEC Youth Services is here to help you achieve your goals. Program participants benefit from the following services, just to name a few:

•A personal Career Advisor to assist you in setting and achieving your goals

•Alternative school options and/or assistance to get back into school and finish your basic education

•Tutoring and academic assistance

•Applications and resources for financial aid to help pay for college or training programs

•Hands-on career exploration activities

•Employment and labor market information

•Training that's specific to a job that you want

•Meaningful work experience you can put on a resume

•Opportunities to develop your leadership skills

•Entrepreneurial skills training

•Financial education and opportunities to plan for your financial future

•Mentoring options

•Support services and resources

What are you waiting for? Visit our new website at www.c-tecyouthservices.org