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CTE Success Stories

Career Journeys is about helping students find their own path

Navigating the uncertainty of our formative years takes courage, curiosity, and outside support. A single conversation can spark a passion that leads to a lifetime of reward. Knowing where to start is often a challenge for students. The Career Journeys project seeks to help middle and high school students from across the state of Oregon–and beyond–to dream big. It’s all about exposing students to in-demand career pathways through “near-peer mentoring”.

This innovative approach to learning acknowledges that students often find it easier to relate to individuals close to their age. All our profilees are in the early stages of their careers. It is our hope that Oregon’s students can see themselves in the video profiles, lesson plans and website materials.

The stories we selected profile Oregonians who navigated the public school system. During their interviews, we touch on some of the challenges they faced when navigating their own career journeys. We cover the present, of course, but also, the past decisions that lead our profilees to where they are today. We invite students to discover their own pathway through this shared exploration of the next generation of Oregon’s leaders.

ODE CTE Tool Kit

The following Career and Technical Education (CTE) tool kit includes a set of resources to equip schools

and districts throughout Oregon with the messaging and tools you’ll need to communicate about your

school or district’s CTE program(s) to help attract future students as they forecast for next year’s classes.

The tool kit includes content for students, families, staff and local news media about CTE, including

information that can help dispel outdated ideas about what CTE is, through examples of current CTE

pathways. For an overview of CTE, please refer to the fact sheet in this tool kit.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Prep Program at Clackamas Community College

Are you interested in sharing your industry expertise by teaching in a career and technical education (CTE) program? Clackamas provides a Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) approved teacher preparation program for CTE licensure in all six CTE career areas.

Oregon's Career Areas include

  • Agriculture, food and natural resources systems

  • Arts, information and communications

  • Business and management

  • Health and biomedical sciences

  • Human resources

  • Industrial and engineering systems

This program meets the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) professional development requirements for industry experts seeking an Oregon Restricted or Preliminary CTE license to teach in secondary CTE (middle and high school) programs. It also provides professional development for post-secondary CTE (community college) faculty and instructors teaching in registered apprenticeships to improve teaching skills and understanding of the learning process. This certificate provides individuals with educational foundations in classroom and program management and develops skills needed to meet the needs of diverse students and to integrate developmentally appropriate and culturally competent instructional strategies.

Start your path to a career in CTE instruction at Clackamas Community College:

  • The one-year CTE Licensure Prep certificate program is Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) approved to meet the Professional Development Plan (PDP) education requirements for the CTE Preliminary Teaching license.

  • Clackamas offers all six of the courses (18 credits) required in the TSPC Professional Development Plan for the Restricted CTE Teaching License. Note: these courses apply to the CTE Licensure Prep Certificate requirements.

  • All ED courses at Clackamas are offered online yearly to meet the needs of working students statewide.

More information about CTE Teacher Licensure can be found at the Oregon Department of Education website.

To register, simply follow the enrollment process found on our Getting Started page.


Megan Helzerman
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Specialist
Family Resource Center

Oregon Connections

Oregon Connections is the next generation, web-based tool that makes it easy for industry professionals to connect with K-20 educators. Professionals can share their skills and expertise to bring real-world, authentic learning opportunities to all our students helping to create the next generation of innovators. Through in-person matches and virtual sessions, professionals can help students and teachers connect their classroom to the world of work. Together we can make a difference.

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Open Education Resources for Oregon CTE

Manufacturing Resources

Make the Future TM, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing

The NAPE Education Foundation’s Make the Future program, funded by Toyota USA Foundation, provides free methods and tools to help educators, counselors, administrators, and recruiters break down barriers. These barriers limit females and other historically underrepresented student groups from taking education paths that can prepare them for high-demand advanced manufacturing careers.

Create Effective Messages

Manufacturing Guidebook for Teachers

Manufacturing Guidebook for Students and their Families

Manufacturing Rack Card


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Use Effective Strategies

9 Best Practices Handout

9 Best Practices Webpage with Resources


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